The First 2 Things You Should Work On to Boost Productivity

Throughout my three years as a freelance writer it’s become stupidly apparent to me that there are two main reasons my productivity gets fucked up. I mean like, HELLO PROCRASTINATION CITY fucked-up.

And I’d bet £124,500 these two things aren’t exclusive to me. And I don’t even have £124,500 kicking around, so that’s saying something.

So, if your productivity leaves a fuck-ton to be desired, or even a fuck-gram (wait, no, that sounds like something else), you’re in luck, my pretty little green bean, because I’m going to share the two things with you:

1. Getting Enough Sleep

For realsies. My day is a total shitstorm if I don’t get my full 8 hours – so much so that I basically refuse to get out of bed if I haven’t reached my quota yet. I will maybe – maybe – get out of bed at 7 hours, but anything under that? Get to fuck. I’m going back to sleep. And lack of sleep doesn’t just throw your productivity off, it also throws off your good eating and exercising habits and all else that’s good in the world. Lack of sleep is the biggest evil.

2. Planning

How many times have you found yourself flailing towards the end of the day because you haven’t really accomplished anything, and you almost certainly haven’t accomplished everything you set out to do, but it’s hard to check because YOU DIDN’T WRITE IT DOWN, YOU FOOL? Yeah. I’m that idiot a lot of the time too. It’s incredible what a difference just writing down what I intend to do that day has on my productivity. Bonus points for getting to cross things off, which is one of the top 3 feelings in the world, right behind (1) kissing a very tall handsome man and (2) eating something that is both healthy AND heavenly delicious.

So if you’re struggling with your productivity, before you start testing out all manner of productivity ‘hacks’ (Pomodoro? Self-Control? 80/20?), make sure you’ve got these two things sorted. Get enough sleep, and plan your day ahead (a simple to-do list works wonders).