The Number 1 Sign You’re a Professional Freelance Copywriter

I could talk about integrity right now, or talent, or good communication skills. Confidence, punctuality, ability to meet deadlines. Even initiative, being a ‘team member’, and all that other crap you used to write on your CV. (Because you don’t need a CV any more, amirite? Huzzah!)

But the thing is, all of those things are worthless unless you have this one other trait. Without this singular trait, there’s no way you can ever be considered a true professional. What is it?

Doing the things you say you’re going to do.

None of that other stuff means shit unless you back it up with good old-fashioned action. Say you’re going to do something, and then do it. Bam, easy. Except it’s not, is it? Not to many people.

How many freelancers do you think:

  • Miss deadlines they’ve agreed to?
  • Cancel meetings at the last minute?
  • Don’t respond to emails or make phonecalls when they say they will?
  • Don’t follow the exact process or timeline they laid out in their proposal?
  • Don’t do all the necessary research?
  • Don’t even deliver all the work they promised?
  • Or to the ‘high standard’ they boast of?

I’ll tell you: a lot. There’s a fuckstorm of shitty freelancers out there screwing up all their promises to clients. Your job is not to be one of them.

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