What to Do When Your Copywriting Clients are Getting You Down

You’ve heard the old adage ‘the customer’s always right’, haven’t you? Course you have. You’re a human person with ears.

Speaking from seven years of experience working in bars, I can report that that saying is utter bollocks. I once rejoiced in pissing off a snobbish elderly couple who were adamant that I MUST OPEN A FRESH BOTTLE OF WINE for them. I resolutely refused. ‘This wine is fine. I opened it earlier today.’ Looking down their noses at me, they told me they were going to leave if I didn’t open that fresh bottle of wine for them. ‘Well I’m not opening it.’ I stared at them until they left.

Admittedly, hospitality may not have been the best industry for me. But come on, tell me you wouldn’t have liked to do the same to those pompous, entitled buffoons?

And before you tell me you can’t treat the elderly like that, let’s just remember Granny Ripper who killed her friends and ate them. Some old people are assholes.

ANYWAY. My point is: If you don’t like the way something is going down in your business – be it a client who wants to hop on the phone every five minutes when you despise phone calls, or a prospect pressing you to offer a service you have no interest in furnishing – YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SAY NO.

You don’t have to do something just because somebody requests it. I’m not saying you should stare them down until they back out slowly – by all means offer up an alternative solution, whether that’s a similar service you will happily provide, or referring them to someone else who can help them – but do not let this business you created to give you more freedom drag you down.

This is your business. You get to make the rules.

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