Why Working a Minimum Wage Job is the Easiest Way to Start Your Own Business

When I first decided to start my own business, I felt like it was something reserved solely for people who wanted to escape the 9–5, or cubicle nation, or the corporate world, or whatever you want to call it.

It’s just not something people who work as waitresses or bartenders or shop assistants do, right? If you’re in a menial minimum wage job, it’s got to be pretty tough to break into the world of entrepreneurship, hasn’t it?

I mean, come on – those corporate types, they’re used to working in offices, they know all the business lingo and the right sort of people.

So yeah, sure, corporate escapees can start their own businesses. But so can the rest of us. So if you, like me, have never worked in an office in your life, and never made much more than minimum wage, I’m here to tell you why you’re in the PERFECT position to start your own online business.

You Won’t Need to Make Much Money Before You Can Quit Your Job

Seriously: the very fact that you’re not making a shit ton of money right now is a GOOD thing. You won’t have any agonising moments where you have to decide between your meagre startup earnings and your fancy corporate wage.

Giving up minimum wage? Pretty easy. Giving up six figures? Not so much.

Not only will it be easy to give up minimum wage – it’ll probably be pretty easy to exceed it.

You’ll Be Able to Walk Away Easily

If you’re working for minimum wage, you’re on the bottom rung of the ladder. So if you do quit your job to try and start your own thing, and for some reason that doesn’t work out, it’s pretty easy to step back onto the bottom rung of another ladder. Much easier than trying to jump straight back up to the top of the ladder – or even the middle.

You Will KNOW You’re Moving Towards Something Better

Starting your own business is better than toiling away in a minimum wage job – on pretty much every count. More freedom. More money. More time. (Okay, maybe not – but at least you’ll get to choose how and when you spend it.)

You’re Already Accustomed to Living on a Startup Budget

I didn’t have to cut anything out when I started my business. I didn’t cancel any subscriptions or memberships, cut down my TV package, quit the gym – nothing. Because I didn’t have those things in the first place, living on my pisspoor wage.

Only difference is… now I can afford those things. Would I be able to if I still worked in a bar? No.

You Won’t Take Your Work Home with You, Leaving You Free to Work on Your Own Stuff

How many stressed-out corporate workers drive themselves crazy, do you think? Overworking themselves in the office, bringing their worries home with them – and then stressing themselves out even more by trying to find the time to build their own business on the side?

And how many bartenders or shop assistants do you think have the same struggles? If you work in a minimum wage job, chances are you don’t give it a second thought when you get home, which means you can devote all your mental energy to getting your own gig up and running.

You’ll Have a Different View on Things

If you’re not from a corporate background, you won’t bring any stupid corporate bullshit with you into your new business. You will do things your own way, rather than the conventional businessy way.

This is important. It means you’ll be more original, you’ll do things your own way, and you’ll STAND OUT against the sea of suits.

So if you think you can’t start your own business because you’re not from the right background, you haven’t got the right experience, people won’t want to hire you because you used to flip burgers, just remember this: you’re in a better position than you think.

You can do it your own way, without sacrificing any home comforts, and you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re on your way to something good.