How to Write a Good Tagline

Is it obvious what your business is about as soon as somebody lands on your website? Because if it’s not, there’s a good chance the people who land on it won’t stick around for long – after all, they’re not really sure how you can help them, so why should they stick around?

Some brands can get away with vague, non-descriptive taglines.

I’m Lovin’ It
Open Happiness
Just Do It
Because You’re Worth It
Gives You Wings

You don’t need me to tell you which brands the taglines above represent, because they’re fucking massive and everyone knows them. So, yeah, some brands can get away with the whole vague tagline thing.

Yours is not one of them.

The Role of a Good Tagline

Your tagline needs to convey precisely what you do. If someone chances upon your site, sees a mysterious tagline and can’t quite figure out what you’re all about, they’re gone. You’ve lost a potential customer.

Instead, what you want is for someone to land on your site and instantly understand:

  • What problem you can help solve
  • Why you should be the one to do it

In essence, you need to come up with a succinct line that conveys what you do and explains who you do it for. The first part lets people know how you can help them, and the second part gives them something to relate to and makes them want you to be the one to help them. Because you get them, man.

Below are some fucking excellent taglines. They’re clever and precise. (Yours doesn’t need to be this good, but it does need to make sense.)

Get Rich Slowly: Personal finance that makes cents
Itty Biz: We build businesses. Even little ones
Make a Living Writing: Practical help for hungry writers
Nerd Fitness: Level up your life

You know without even visiting what each one of those websites is about, right? And that’s how you need your tagline to work, too.